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Middlesex, New Jersey Office

Above the Standard Procurement Group® (ATSPG) is a global provider of holistic supply chain solutions specializing in global procurement, strategic sourcing, financial solutions, and business growth services.  We improve the bottom-line our clientele by utilizing best practices and proprietary procurement methodologies, while increasing delivery, reliability, and quality.  In most cases, we are compensated on a percentage of what we save our clients, which means there is no cost or risk to work with us.  If we don’t save you money, we don’t get paid!


Above the Standard was founded on two driving visionary principles:

Client Testimonial

“Throughout the course of a national project, with more than 4,000 devices, we increased the overall discounts to 15% for monthly services, combined 40 accounts into one account, and eliminated multiple carrier solutions in a large portion of the West Region.

The Above the Standard team drove this project by gathering detailed information regarding the current systems deployed and understanding the long term cost for those systems. We were better able to understand where Sprint was and was not a fit. The bottom line result was almost a 44% cost reduction per year."

Jon Schoepflin, Texas
Major Account Executive, Sprint

  1. That in order to succeed we must deeply understand our client’s mission, vision, values, and strategic objectives of the operations.
  2. We must have a comprehensive expertise to meet the needs of all our clients. 

These two principles are found in every partnership with our clients and it is the bedrock of our success.  ATS provides complete best-in-class procurement solutions.


We recognize that your business is not made up of a single project.  Each project must be integrated into your company’s overall strategic objectives.  We understand each business is unique and we tailor custom solutions to fit your overall business needs.


Experience & Expertise

Above the Standard has more than 30-years of supply chain experience across a broad spectrum of companies in a wide array of industries, worldwide (Over 100 nations).  ATS has many global strategic partners and industry experts who are among the who’s who in their respective field.  Many have been published in multiple journals including the Wall Street Journal.  We have more than 1,000 premier vendors, corporate sales consultants, and procurement experts available to help customize client solutions.


We have done business with small to global Fortune-500 companies, international firms, non-profits, hospitals, municipalities, school districts, and the Federal Government.  We have a proven track record of saving billions of dollars for our clients. 


Our overall lifetime client cost savings average 28.2% for all projects!


Some of our past clients include:  ExxonMobil, BP Oil, Petron, RAM Energy, State Farm, Met Life, Sprint, YWCA, Novell, Security Pacific Bank, and Farmers Insurance.


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